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Oakmont voters endorse incumbents

By Jim Brewer

O akmont voters returned all incumbent board candidates and added two new members on April 5, signaling that there will be few, if any, changes in policy directions in store for the senior community.

Noel Lyons, Heidi Klyn, and Jeff Young were reelected to the Oakmont Village Association Board of Directors, along with newcomers Mark Randol and Wayne Van. The vote totals were as follows: Lyons, 1,174; Randol, 1,171; Klyn, 1,143; Young, 989, and Van Bockern, 763. As the candidates with the most votes, Lyons, Randol, Klyn, and Young will serve two-year terms. Van Bockern will assume a oneyear term.

The new board reelected Tom Kendrick as president, Klyn as vice-president, Lyons as secretary, and Elke Strunka as treasurer.

Kendrick thanked Carolyn Bettencourt and Marianne Neufeld, who were leaving the board, for their work. He said Bettencourt asked “good, tough” questions and worked hard to help the board understand complex issues. He called Neufeld “a mainstay” in many roles and thanked her for her “tremendous work” on fire safety. Lyons said, “We were fortunate and blessed to have both of you.”