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Oakmont Sunday Symposium Broadcast Series

10:30 am on Sunday mornings

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May 16: Linda Clever, MD, “Refresh, Renew & Refocus (Even When Life is Hard)”

Have you found the events of this past year – the fires, the pandemic, the political drama – a little stressful? Let’s face it: it’s exhausting dealing with all the over-the-top danger and uncertainty. Linda Hawes Clever, MD, an internationally sought after, popular television personality, and powerfully engaging speaker has devoted herself to guiding people to discover how to find what they need to regain their effectiveness and vitality despite life’s never-ending challenges. In these historic times, all of us could benefit from this talk!

May 23: Dr. Joseph Lin, “The Vaccines & The Variants: What We Know Now”

Dr. Lin spoke to us last year about what was known about the Corona Virus vaccines at that time. Today, with the vaccines underway, we have learned a lot about the virus and the vaccines since when he first spoke to us. Dr. Lin has a gift for explaining complex issues in very simple-to-understand terms. You’ll be very glad you tuned in.