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Publishers’ Corner

Publishers’ Corner


Publishers’ Corner

A tiny little publishers’ corner for this issue. There was so much news, we just didn’t have room! A fantastic problem to have when you’re in the newspaper biz. We even had a wonderful drawing of Buckley sent to us by a gracious and talented reader from Sonoma that we had to push. We’ll feature the art piece for May 15, definitely something for everyone to look forward to. Buckley is doing great. He’s now 3 months old, has doubled in size and now weighs in at a husky 8 pounds. For those who missed it, Buckley is the young canine correspondent for the Kenwood Press.

Buckley loves visitors; if you’re in the neighborhood in downtown Glen Ellen, and you see the chairs outside, stop by to say hello. You can also pick up an emergency evacuation placard from the Kenwood Press office if you missed picking one up at the Fire Station on Sonoma Highway on May 1.

Exciting staff news for the KP, Pandemic High School columnist Mackenzie Cramer will be attend­ing the University of California, Berkeley, as a freshman in the fall. Go Bears! I’m sure that Stanford alum Alec and Ann Peters are very proud of her.

More exciting Kenwood Press staff news, Casey Wellington and Mia Epstein will be joining the KP as interns this summer. My goal is to teach them everything so Paul and I can take August off.

As always, thank you to our contributors and advertisers. We are eternally grateful.

Also, a special thank you to our community for your support. It means the world to us.

Tracy, I hope your foot feels better soon.