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Village Chat

Things in our neighborhood

By Bridgit Paul

Instead of Who Are the People in our Neighborhood, I wanted to mention and ask you what are some of the Things in our Neighborhood! While walking with my buddy, as we do most mornings, we rounded the corner from Clyde onto Libby and were almost to the beautiful, almost historic Kenwood home on the corner when something caught both of our gazes with a jump: a doll in the upstairs window. The doll seems to be enjoying the astounding view of the vineyard toward the green hills we love. After our hearts got back to beating normally, we laughed and appreciated the owner’s fun. Since this picture was taken, the baby now wears a head piece…again, hat’s off to the owner for such humor to walk forward to. The windows also show a horse that looks like it was from a merry-go-round and other gems that make me wish to learn more about the house, its history, and the items inside. Maybe someday consider tours? I would pay, wear a mask, and not touch a thing. Any thoughts or information? Please email me or any of us at KP as this became a fun chat we wish to continue.

What is this? I will call him Woody the Kenwood Market Totem. Why? Because I know nothing about him…her…it, and wish to know more. After inquiring with many employees of surrounding businesses, I received the following information: “It is haunted.” “It moves all over the place and no one knows who does it.” “It was made by a local artist,” but with no name, time it was made, nor it’ representation. Please, let me know more about Woody (if that is its real name) and its backstory! Please email us and let me continue the chat to my fellow Kenwoodians.

Who or What are the People or Things in the Neighborhood? You have answers and knowledge that I would like to share, please. There are many people and aspects about Kenwood that I hope to entertain you with, and many of you have great stories that celebrate our connection to The Wood. Cheers!

Woody is a mysteryPhoto by Bridget Paul