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Post-stutdown high weed mowing at Oakmont Barber Shop - Business Beat

Business Beat
Armed Forces Veteran Nick Raia, proprietor of the Oakmont Barber Shop.

Oakmont Barber Shop proprietor Nick Raia will be the first to tell you that COVID-19 has made some serious cuts in his business and to the life savings of him and his wife. Anyone with a firm grasp of the obvious would know that small businesses all over this valley, and indeed the world, have suffered greatly in the wake of this virulent scourge.

Raia says furry men are starting to emerge. “The last year was brutal but things are starting to move in the right direction now.” The prospect of being able to pay the rent and keep the lights on cutting hair is a welcome development in such an uncertain business environment. Raia is ready to go, “We worked long and hard to get here and I am ready to get back to it”. Oakmont Barber Shop is located at 6532 Oakmont Drive. Open Tuesday through Friday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. No appointment necessary. Nick will be glad to see you and your overgrown head.