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Publishers’ Corner

Publishers’ Corner


Restaurants are opening! In the May 1 issue, we featured the much-awaited reopening of Café Citti. Although Linda and Luca have moved their beloved Kenwood institution to Santa Rosa, their full menu is available for take-out in addition to lovely tables creek-side for casual dining. The Oak snack bar in Oakmont is now open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and steak night is back at Tips Roadside starting May 20. See our dining roundup on page 8 for more information on restaurants that are open for indoor and outdoor dining.

We have some new and returning advertisers for this issue. Raptors Are the Solution (RATS) is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting non-poison rodent control options that do not disrupt the ecosystem. Purely by coincidence, this month’s Laidback Gardening column by Robert Kourik is about gophers and the plants they don’t like to eat. Also don’t miss new advertisements from SJ Handy Ma’am, Suncraft Fine Foods, Compass realtors Erin Davis and Kelly Stober, and Mariposa Nursery. We rely on our advertisers to keep the lights on and the presses running. We are grateful to them all.

Transcendence Theater has announced its summer season and will have much-anticipated performances back at Jack London State Park.

The Sonoma County Sheriff evacuation placards have been flying out of the office like hotcakes (or evacuation placards). The placards are intended to be hung in a prominent place outside your home to signal to first responders that all residents of a household have safely evacuated, saving valuable time and resources during an emergency. We’ve given away over 100 so far and we have plenty more, so stop by our new office at 13700 Arnold Dr. in Glen Ellen and pick one up. We’ve really enjoyed meeting and greeting all the readers who have stopped by to say hi and pick up a placard.