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Preparing for Red Flag Warnings

Get ready and stay safe

The National Weather Service declares a Red Flag Warning when there is an increased risk for fire danger due to warm temperatures, very low humidity, and stronger winds in a specific area resulting in increased danger of fires starting and spreading rapidly. The following activities are strongly discouraged when a Red Flag Warning has been issued: Never mow or trim dry grass during a red flag warning because a power tool could spark on a rock and start a grass fire. It is not recommended even on windy, dry, hot days. No wood or charcoal campfires in forests during periods of high fire danger. Thoroughly extinguish all cigarettes and smoking material.

Don’t pull your vehicle over in grass as it can spark a grass fire. If necessary, pull over on paved roads.

Use spark arrestors on portable gasoline powered equipment to avoid an accidental fire.

Properly maintain vehicles to prevent starting fires along roads due to sparks or flammable materials being spit out from the catalytic converter system.

Ensure trailer chains don’t drag on the ground and spark.

Shooting of firearms is unsafe during periods of high fire hazards.

Use extreme caution with welding or blowtorch projects.

Burning plant cuttings on high fire danger days is unsafe.

Read about other activities to avoid during Red Flag Warnings and learn more at www.SoCoEmergency. org.

Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS)

Are you ready for your power to be cut off?

It’s time to get ready for indefinite power shutoffs prompted by wildfire hazards that will be cropping up over the summer and fall.

First off, sign up for power shutoff alerts from PG& E. Visit www. or call 1-866-743-6589 to update your contact information.

Those who are not PG& E account holders can receive PSPS event notifications by ZIP Code. This is especially useful for tenants, caretakers, travelers, parents of school-age children, and other non-account holders. The system allows you to select the ZIP Code(s) and receive PSPS notifications for those areas. Notifications are not address-specific as they are only based on the ZIP Code provided.

Those who are interested in ZIP Code notifications can sign up for voice or text message alerts by calling 1-877-9000-PGE or texting “ENROLL” to 97633. More information about the tool is available at

Basics include making a plan, preparing for it, and keeping the plan fresh as new information arises. Remember the pets; lay in emergency supplies like water, food (edible without cooking), medicine, and a to-go bag if you have to move elsewhere; and turn off all appliances, especially gas appliances, stoves, etc.

PG& E offers a wealth of specific preparation information at www. preparedness/natural-disaster/ wildfires/

Do you depend on electricity for medical needs?

PG& E’s Medical Baseline Program is for customers who use certain life-support equipment or require heating or cooling for medical conditions. Participants receive additional energy at the lowest price. Medical Baseline customers also receive additional alerts, phone calls, or a door knock during a PSPS.

You can apply for the Medical Baseline Program online at www. or by calling 1-800-743-5000.