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Publishers’ Corner

Publishers’ Corner


How does the Kenwood Press get from the newsroom to your mailbox?

After we “press the button” to send each issue of the Kenwood Press to print, Joe Vetter makes the magic happen. Joe is the owner of Healdsburg Printing and has been printing and distributing the Kenwood Press since the first issue in 1988. Until recently, Joe printed the papers at his facility in Healdsburg. He now acts as our print broker, overseeing print production of the paper at a printing company in the East Bay. He still ensures that our files are print ready, the print quality is perfect, and the batches of papers are prepared for delivery to the post offices in Kenwood, Glen Ellen, and Santa Rosa. He also preps and labels papers for our out-of-area subscribers. Joe sorts the stacks by mail carrier route or post office box into postal carts in Kenwood, meets us in Glen Ellen to do the same, gives Buckley a head scratch, then drives up to the Santa Rosa main Post Office to drop off the papers for Oakmont.

With each issue, we tell Joe we’ll send the files to him by about 6 p.m. on our deadline day. We’re rarely on time, but Joe makes it happen anyway.

Joe facilitates the last and certainly critically important step in the production of each issue of the Kenwood Press. Thanks, Joe!

Kenwood Press continues its legacy as an award-winning newspaper

The Kenwood Press won four awards in the 2020 California Journalism Print Contest. Ann and Alec Peters won second and third place awards for their Publishers’ Corner columns, “Imperfect v. Impossible” and “Wear Your Mask,” in the category Editorial Comments. Sarah Phelps’ article on “Protecting Our Oceans” earned fifth place in the Profile Story category, and Alec Peters won second place in Coverage of Local Government with his article, “Homeless shelter to stay until….?” Congratulations! As usual, Ann and Alec Peters are setting the bar high for us.

Welcome intern Casey Wellington!

We’re thrilled to have Casey Wellington joining us for the summer as an intern! He’s fulfilling his final internship requirement for William Jessup University, which he graduated from at the beginning of May.

Casey grew up on London Ranch Road in Glen Ellen. He studied at Santa Rosa Junior College before he transferred to William Jessup University to study Digital Communication and Design. Now, Casey is gaining experience in journalism here at the Kenwood Press, and he’s already shown himself to be quite useful. We’ve put him to work on a variety of projects, like petting Buckley, writing the Out and About column in this issue while Brandon Sparks, our regular Out and About editor is focusing on finals and his graduation from Sonoma State. Casey wants to pursue a career in graphic design someday, but in the meantime, he is just as happy as we are that he’s joined the KP team.

Buckley at four months old with Kenwood Press intern Casey Wellington Photo by Paul Goguen