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Crime Watch

May 20 A woman reported that her overnight bag was stolen from her vehicle while parked at Clyde Ave. and Mission Dr. When the Deputy asked the value of the stolen items, the caller placed the Deputy on hold, the line was disconnected, and the caller did not call back.

May 21 At about 3 a.m., a resident of Martin St. reported a suspicious, darkcolored truck parked in front of their house. Officers responded and determined that the truck was low on gas and was waiting for the nearby service station to open.

May 21 A man from Riven Rock Way called the non-emergency sheriff ’s dispatch number to report that someone had been harassing him for months. The man was told a deputy would call him back. Nothing further.

May 27 Multiple callers reported hearing gunshots, fireworks, firecrackers, and/or M-80s near Maplewood and Glenwood Drs. One caller reported seeing the people thought responsible for the noises fleeing in a vehicle, but he did not have a description of the vehicle. Deputies responded, but did not find anything suspicious.

May 30 A neighbor of a vacation rental home near Williams and Chauvet Rds. reported that she thought the vacationers were filming a music video at the property because she observed bright lights and heard loud music. Nothing further.

June 1 An employee of a winery shop near Sonoma Hwy. and Adobe Canyon Rd. called to report that it had been burglarized over the weekend. Nothing further.

June 2 A caller reported that someone had dumped trash at Jenson and Trinity Rds. in Glen Ellen. The Sheriff advised the caller to notify the appropriate Sonoma County department at www.sonomacounty. Service-Request.

June 4 A caller from near Sonoma Hwy. and Lawndale in Kenwood reported that two men with rifles had just exited a small, red pick-up truck and entered the five-acre property across the road. Units responded and determined that the men were gardeners hired to maintain the property and the rifles were BB guns they used for rodent control.

June 5 A caller reported that four people on bicycles and one on foot were traveling north on Sonoma Hwy. near Rancho Bonita Way. The caller noted that the travelers looked like they were intoxicated tourists who had been wine tasting. An officer responded and determined that the travelers in fact were not intoxicated, lived in the area, and were on their way home.

June 7 An apparently intoxicated man was spotted near Maplewood and Glenwood Drs. by a nearby resident. The man was stumbling and carrying a cup. Nothing further.