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Dear Editors, The current Press is absolutely stunning. The history, the humor, the philosophy and the news: chock full of meaning. So happy to see Mr. Wellington interning, and proud for Loralee. Jim Shere, the Wells Fargo article, the petting farm and Hippie Hollow—I want to hit the way back machine and hang out there.

Thank you,

Elisa Stancil, Glen Ellen

Dear Editor,

Kudos to Will Shonbrun for his excellent letter about homelessness (“Ain’t got no home in this world anymore,” June 1, 2021). It’s pressing and comprehensive, making clear that we are all responsible for helping to resolve this crisis. And Mr. Shonbrun is chillingly accurate when he describes how easily any of us could fall into such misfortune.

Sonoma County has at least 3,000 unhoused people and only 1,000 shelter beds, thus giving some 2,000 people no choice other than to sleep in our streets and parks every night.

He also writes, “Yes, there are alcoholics, drugusers, freeloaders and ne’er-do-wells in the ranks of the homeless, as well as mentally disabled people.” True enough, but what I’d like to add to that statement is, “Just like all of the rest of us living in houses.” Kathleen Finigan, Oakmont