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A message from the Kenwood School kindergarden teacher

“Kinder pups” all grown up

Dear Brady Jimmerson, Cameron Lane, Charlie Benziger, Conor Kilcullen, Conor Sand, Dallas McComas, Emily Barmore, Brie Belmonte, Harry Caughey, Hunter Halkovich, Hunter Mattos, Indigo Morgan, Jackson Corfield, Kyle O’Donnell, Martin Austin, Moises Zorco, Owen Brown, Sophia Carbonaro, and Tyler Bellach: Wow, can it be that 12 years ago you were just wide-eyed kindergartners learning your ABCs and how to count to 100? You were my spunky “kinder-pups” with bountiful energy. We had such fun together. I loved watching you grow as you learned how to listen and how to be kind little people … little pups, that is! Now you are going out into the world as high school graduates. I wish you success and happiness in all that awaits you. I hope that you carry with you lessons from kindergarten, such as the ability to listen to others, to think for yourselves, and to be kind big people … big dogs. I love you!

Fondly, Your Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. S. (Karla Weber Schloem)