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Crime Watch

July 1, 2021 – The following are some of the recent calls from the Glen Ellen and Kenwood area, responded to by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Sonoma Valley Substation.

June 11 A caller reported that a lot of noise and yelling was coming from a nearby vacation rental at Adobe Canyon Rd. and Waldo Ln. The caller requested to remain anonymous. The sheriff was unable to pursue the issue since the caller was not willing to prosecute.

June 11 A resident of a home near Marty Dr. and Thomas St. reported that the tires of their vehicle, parked on the street in front of their house, had gone flat overnight. The resident filled the tires at a local service station, then found that the tires were flat again the following day and suspected that someone had emptied them on purpose. An officer called the resident, but could not reach them.

June 12 A neighbor of a vacation rental near Adobe Canyon Rd. and Waldo Ln. called the Sheriff to report that there was a party going on at the neighboring property with echoing sounds of yelling. The neighbor also reported that the revelers sounded drunk and the party sounded fun.

June 15 A caller reported a suspicious red Ford pickup truck near Warm Springs Rd. and Sonoma Mountain Rd. Nothing further.

June 16 A resident at Marty Dr. and Thomas St. reported that money and jewelry were missing from inside his house and requested that an officer come out to dust for fingerprints. The resident suspected that the theft had occurred several weeks prior. The officer explained that since the money and jewelry had been missing for a while, it was unlikely he would be able to detect or identify fingerprints. The officer asked for a detailed list of what was missing and the caller responded that he would brainstorm with his wife to come up with a list. The officer checked for fingerprints and as expected, didn’t find any.