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Local children’s author features Kenwood


By Casey Wellington

Growing up in Glen Ellen, I passed the Ledson Winery countless times. So it was exciting for me to find out that the iconic castle-themed winery is one of several Kenwood sites that are mimicked in Christy Hoss’s “The Rubber Band” children’s book series. The local author, who taught for 10 years at the Kenwood Elementary School, created the fictional setting of Wildwood based on our real town of Kenwood to serve as the backdrop for a wonderful story about a group of culturally diverse kids who form a rock-and-roll band.

“ The Rubber Band” and Hoss’s new release, “ The Rubber Band Stretches,” recount the exciting adventures of the kids. The new book focuses on Rocky “Roadkill” Espinoza, the fourth-grade drummer for the band. When his school projects and his home life start to become more difficult, his bandmates come to his rescue and form a “secret service” to look out for him.

Hoss was inspired to write this series by an actual elementary school band that played for her 50th birthday party. Since second grade, she dreamt of becoming an author, and in 2017 she left her full-time job as a teacher to live out her dream. She wrote “ The Rubber Band” to help inspire others to not give up on their dreams, and to work together to achieve them. Hoss still helps out as a substitute teacher in several districts throughout the county, in addition to her writing career.. “ The Rubber Band” was released in August 2020. It was a finalist in the 2021 Selah Awards contest, and earned a gold readership seal. “ The Rubber Band Stretches” was published earlier this year, on May 9. Both books are available on Amazon or at local bookstores. Expect a third book in the series to be released in summer of 2022, called “ The Rubber Band: Slingshot Summer.”

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