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Publishers’ Corner

Publishers’ Corner

The Kenwood Press is thrilled to welcome Mia Epstein to our news team, joining Casey Wellington as our second summer intern.

Mia is the founder and editor of 2901, the student publication of the Drew School in San Francisco, where she will be a senior in the fall. She reached out to us in January when we first took over the reins at the Kenwood Press. We certainly need all the help we can get, and with Mia’s qualifications, we jumped at the chance to bring her on board.

Publishers’ Corner

Although Mia’s key interests in working for the paper are writing and art, she’s been helping us with accounting; learning first hand that for a small newspaper, everyone does everything.

Mia has helped us tremendously by converting press releases, researching news stories, and wrangling Buckley.

Mia has an enviable commute to the newsroom from her family’s home on O’Donnell Lane.

Congratulations are due to Brandon Sparks, Kenwood Press reporter and photographer on his graduation from Sonoma State University with a degree in Journalism. Brandon started with the Kenwood Press as an intern in January. He was uniquely qualified for the intern role, because he was the only student who responded to our posting with the Sonoma State University Career Center.

Brandon Sparks

We quickly realized how lucky we were to have Brandon on the newsroom staff. He writes and edits the Out and About column in every issue and has made my job easier. Although Brandon graduated in May, he has agreed to stay on board with the Kenwood Press. We’ve officially promoted him to staff reporter/photographer. I’m not sure if I’ve told him that yet, so Brandon, congratulations again!

Speaking of Brandon, one of my favorite typos that we’ve had in the Kenwood Press is when I referred to him as Brandon Stark in a byline. Brandon Stark, as in the “King of the North” from Game of Thrones, instead of Brandon Sparks, writer, photographer, and recent graduate of Sonoma State.

Our last two issues have had quite a few interesting typos. I want to clarify that all of the typos are mine. We have very talented contributors, editors, and proofreaders who give each issue of the paper a once, twice, and thrice read through to look for errors and grammar violations. Inevitably, I will make changes after proof reading, resulting in some cringeworthy results.

I ran into Leslie Vaughn of Glen Ellen at the regular Thursday evening live music at the Jack London Saloon and we had a chuckle about some of the recent errors in the KP. We talked about maybe having a contest where folks can clip typos from the Kenwood Press, put them in an envelope, and whoever has found the most at the end of the year wins a Kenwood Press hat. I’ll think about it.

Speaking of Kenwood Press hats, we have them for sale for $25 at the Kenwood Press newsroom at 13700 Arnold Dr. in Glen Ellen. You can buy a GE-K Rotary Fantasy Golf card too. We also have some books for sale by local authors, and we still have evacuation tags available if you don’t already have one.

The tags will be very useful for our first responders during emergencies. When you’re instructed to evacuate, attach the tag in a visible place outside your home so the sheriff knows that you’ve left safely, saving valuable time. See Jay Gamel’s article about the recent presentation on evacuation zones from the June meeting of the North Sonoma Valley Municipal Advisory Council on page 8.

Thank you for reading and a special thanks to our advertisers! -Melissa