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Glen Ellen Inn seeks use modification

Glen Ellen Inn seeks use modification

Will close the restaurant, keep the bar, and add three more rooms

By Jay Gamel

Sometimes applications say it all. Chris and Karen Bertrand, owners of the Glen Ellen Inn, have asked the county to update their use permit to close the restaurant, keep the martini bar, and add two more rooms. Their statement, included in Permit Sonoma application PLP21-0014, clearly explains their intentions.

“Due to the pressure and time constraints associated with the running of their existing restaurant the applicants and owners of the subject properties, Chris and Karen Bertrand, wish to modify their existing Glen Ellen Inn and the Secret Cottages to provide for the additional three new guest rooms as well as provide for the continued use of the martini bar.

“To accommodate this expansion and modification of uses, it is proposed that the existing restaurant would be converted into two guest rooms and a portion of the front of the existing main (restaurant) building be converted into a check-in and lounge area with a new accessible restroom for guests. The existing 150-square-foot martini bar would be retained and remain open to the public. “Along with the change in use of the main building described above, it is proposed that one new accessible guest room be provided in an addition to the existing “D” building as shown on the site plan. “With the removal of the restaurant, the required parking will be substantially reduced and a hardscaped outdoor area for hotel guests will replace a portion of the previous parking. A new total of 15 parking spaces will be provided for the property. One parking space for each guest room will be provided for a total of 10 parking spaces; two of those will be accessible parking spaces, one for each accessible guest room. A total of one employee will be required to serve the inn for which one parking space will be provided. There will be no resident on-site manager.

“The martini bar will require a total of three parking spaces for patrons and one space will be provided for a bar employee for a total of four parking spaces, one of which will be an accessible space on Arnold Drive for the martini bar and guest check-in.”

The request requires a General Plan amendment to allow a zone change from Limited Commercial to Recreation and Visitor Serving Commercial, as well as the actual zone change, a modified use permit, and a merger of two parcels into one to accommodate the reconfiguration.

The applicants believe the project will likely be publicly discussed by the Sonoma Valley Citizens Advisory Commission later this month, but that meeting had not been formally noticed at press time.