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VOM Music Festival


By Mia Epstein

The Valley of the Moon Music Festival (VMMF) is back for its 2021 season. This is the seventh annual festival, called “Love and Longing: Reaching Across the Distance.”

Founders Tanya Tomkins and Eric Zivian said they “can’t wait to share all this amazing music, our emerging artists, and our fascinating lecturers with the Sonoma Valley this summer!” Tomkins and Zivian are musicians and performers in addition to their work for the VMMF, making them perfect for the job.

The festival includes nine curated programs inspired by the fundamental human desire to connect. Each festival program tells a larger story of separation, longing, and coming together through the music of Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schumann, and more.

“The 2021 Valley of the Moon Music Festival echoes a major theme of the pandemic period: our collective desire to reconnect and emerge from social isolation,” said Tomkins. The desire to reconnect is very relatable to many, making the festival an amazing experience of feelings through song.

The festival is a great way to begin living life as it was pre-COVID once again, because it will feature in-person live performances. “This year we acknowledge the present by looking to the past,” said Zivian.

Both virtual and modified, in person, live performances will be held July 17–Aug. 1. RSVPs are required and information is available at