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Winery events regulation continued indefinitely

By Jay Gamel

After spending four hours on a proposed threestory hotel in the Springs area, Commissioner Todd Tamura of the Sonoma County Planning Commission moved to defer a discussion on further changes to a draft ordinance aimed at regulating winery events in “areas of concentration,” like Sonoma Valley, as well as the entire county. The commission did not set a date for the future discussions. The July 15 discussion was itself a continuation of a June 3 public hearing where issues arose over definitions and boundaries in the proposed ordinance.

“Given the level of interest, I think it is appropriate to continue to a date uncertain so that staff is required to fully publicly notice the next meeting, just to be sure that there isn’t anyone who won’t get to participate,” Scott Orr said. Orr is the deputy director of planning for Permit Sonoma.

While the public hearing on the draft ordinance is technically closed, it will be reopened for public comments once staff has updated it with the information that emerged during the June 3 meeting.