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2021 Red & White Ball embraces hybrid format

By Casey Wellington

The Sonoma Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) is hosting its annual Red & White Ball fundraiser this month to help students recover from the pandemic. In 2020, the SVEF shifted the ball to a virtual platform in response to the pandemic. This year’s event will largely keep the same format to maintain the safety of all involved and reflect current COVID-19 safety regulations.

“The generosity of our community at the Red & White Ball has been significant over the years, and we are hopeful that this year will be no different, particularly as the needs of our children and students are more amplified coming out of the pandemic and distance learning,” said Angela Ryan, executive director of the SVEF. “Revenue generated at this year’s event will be directed to helping students recover from a tumultuous past year, by making possible preschool, afterschool, and weekend programs. With the support of our generous community, together we can help ensure our kids catch up, recover, and thrive this year.”

Donation opportunities have already been sent out to SVEF supporters beginning the first week of August, and Red & White Ball sponsors are expected to match all donations up to $60,000. Individuals who make a gift of $250 or more before Aug. 20 will receive a special Red & White Ball party bag, which they can pick up at a festive pick-up party in the Plaza horseshoe on Aug. 28 from 3-5 p.m. An online auction will also run from Aug. 23-29, featuring a wide selection of items to bid on.

This hybrid version of the Red & White Ball will raise money to help students impacted by the pandemic and ensure that there are programs and opportunities that can recapture “beyond the bell” learning.