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Crime Watch

The following are some of the recent calls from the Glen Ellen and Kenwood area, responded to by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Sonoma Valley Substation.

June 20 A caller reported that four to six males were swimming at the reservoir even though a sign posted nearby clearly stated that swimming was not permitted.

June 22 A caller reported that a white Infiniti with a black spoiler was drag racing on Adobe Canyon Rd. The racer slowed down enough to speak to the caller. The conversation escalated to yelling and the caller felt threatened.

June 25 A man approached a customer at a business at Green St. and Sonoma Hwy. and asked the customer some questions. The customer called the Sheriff because he thought that the man had some sort of scam going. The call disconnected and the customer did not answer his phone when the Sheriff called back.

June 27 A caller reported that the driver of a silver Chevy truck full of tires unloaded the trash on Cavedale Rd. near Corey Rd. The Sheriff responded, located the vehicle, and escorted the dumper back to the scene to load the tires back in his truck and dispose of them properly.

June 28 A driver on London Ranch Rd. near Arnold passed a deer on the road that appeared to be dead.

July 3 A resident at Marty Dr. near Thomas St. reported that his next-door neighbor approached his house slamming his fist into his palm and threatening to throw a brick through his window. The caller said that the neighbor is usually a nice guy. Nothing further.

July 4 A resident of the neighborhood near Marty Dr. and Thomas St. called the Sheriff to report that someone had put sugar in his gas tank. He suspected that a neighbor had done it. A deputy called the resident to investigate, but the resident did not answer or return messages.

July 7 A woman living near Lorna and Cecilia Drs. reported that a neighbor had chased her chihuahua with a stick. A deputy responded and resolved the situation.

July 8 A vandal damaged the side of a vehicle near Misbro Way and Brown Ave. The owner of the vehicle thought that a neighbor may have done it, but couldn’t be sure because he didn’t actually witness the vandalism.

July 8 A caller from the Thomas St. neighborhood reported that on multiple occasions, his security cameras caught a neighbor peeking through his windows.

July 9 A caller from Marty Dr. reported that his home security camera spotted the occupants of two vehicles lingering near his girlfriend’s car. The Sheriff determined that a crime had not been committed.

July 11 A caller from the Marty Dr. neighborhood reported that a male subject on an electric skateboard was rummaging through dumpsters. A Deputy responded and told the skater to move along.

July 13 A vehicle break-in occurred at Sonoma Hwy. near Glenn Oaks Rd.

July 14 A caller reported that a male and female were yelling at each other while standing on the shoulder of Sonoma Hwy. near Bonita Way. The female entered the driver’s side of a Nissan Altima and started to drive toward the male. The car hit the guardrail before causing injury to the male. The male then attempted to escape on foot. The female exited the Altima and chased after him. A short while later, both the male and female returned to the vehicle and drove south with the emergency flasher lights of the vehicle engaged.