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New public safety signs

The Sonoma Volunteer Firefighter’s Association has planned an installation of LED public safety signs.

The signs will have LED lights for visibility and will provide essential information to the community and visitors. The signage will be placed in high visibility areas and will include messages from the fire department, emergencymanagers,andthecounty. After the devastation of the 2017 fires, the information provided by the signs is clearly essential. Information on the signs will include critical fire weather (red flag warnings), public safety power shut-offs (PSPS), evacuations during emergencies (including available routes and closures), and more.

The signs will have the ability to be programmed remotely on computers and smartphones. They will remain operational during power failures with the use of emergency generators at stations. The project was made possible through grant funding from Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG& E). A special thank you to Susan Gorin (Board of Supervisors, District 1) for supporting and funding the project as well.