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PG&E releases “Report It” app to identify safety hazards


By Casey Wellington

Over the past several years, PG&E has implemented many safety systems to help prevent wildfires. Its newest addition is an extension of its hazard-monitoring system — but this time they are crowd-sourcing for help. PG&E has released a mobile app to help it identify non-emergency safety hazards.

The PG&E “Report It” app, to be launched soon, is designed to augment PG&E’s existing drones, cameras, and weather stations, allowing users to report any hazardous conditions that could be a safety concern. Users can submit photos and descriptions of the hazard to PG&E for review. Such hazards may include damaged or leaning power poles, frayed or sagging power lines, corroded equipment, or tree branches that are too close to power lines.

Besides submitting your own concerns, the app will also allow users to see others’ submissions and find out how PG&E responded to previous concerns.

Currently, the app is being launched as part of a pilot program, so it’s not in full use yet. Right now, users are asked to focus on submitting hazards primarily within areas of high fire danger. During the pilot phase, the app is available to customers by invitation only. You can join the waitlist for the app on the website at by searching for “Report It app.”

PG&E is clear that this app is not designed to handle emergencies or immediate safety threats. For issues like downed or sparking power lines or gas odors, call 911.

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