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Crazy FAN-tastic news

Crazy FAN-tastic news

Announcing the 2021 Glen Ellen Fair quilt raffle

By Margie Foster

What has silks, satins, velvets (oh my), doilies, ribbons and bows, lace, sequins, beads, buttons, shells, tassels, trims, and beautiful embroidery? Oh, and fans in every square? Why it’s the Glen Ellen Village Fair’s “FAN-tastic Glen Ellen” quilt, originally created in 2004. This style of quilt is called a “Crazy Quilt” and was popular in the late 1800s. It was a lovely quilt in 2004, and now Glen Ellen quilters have transformed it into FOUR lovely wall hangings. The original creators, some of whom are sadly no longer with us, are Janet Laursen, Cheryl Franzini-Pegan, Eva Westberg, Teresa Schulz, Shelley Arrowsmith, Cathy Leonard, Margie Foster, Natalia Vicino, Judith Anna, MaryAnn Carr, Vicki Crowe, Phyllis Ellman, Marsha Moran, Beth Bradbury, Deb Pool, Tillie Angus, Tom Benton, Lois Marvel, Leslie Smith, Georgia Cohen, and Orna Pascal. The “re-assemblers,” tasked with making the large quilt into wall hangings, are: MaryAnn Carr, Laurie Pile, Cathy Leonard, and Margie Foster.

The quilt, originally raffled off in 2004 and then again in 2012, was lovingly cared for by previous owners: Marsha Kliewer, who then passed it on to her sister-in-law Georgia Cohen (who contributed a square to the quilt). With a house full of animals and the fur that entails (no pun intended), Georgia carefully packed the quilt away and generously returned it to the Village Fair in 2012 so it could make a reappearance. Betty Calabro won it then, enjoyed it for a few years, and then thoughtfully returned it so that it could be raffled off again. And so now, this beautiful work of art has been transformed into four rich and luxurious wall hangings, much more manageable to display and sure to be a conversation starter. Each one would be lovely gracing the walls of a home or business. Hundreds of labor-of-love hours went into each wall hanging, and each one is unique.

One of these smaller wall hangings was recently gifted to Judy Laursen, whose twin sister Janet sadly passed away in 2009. Janet was a local artist and created the very first T-shirt design for the fair. Janet made squares in a number of the quilts raffled off over the years, and this Fan quilt was no different. Sadly, Judy lost her home and all its contents in the 2017 wildfires, including all of Janet’s artwork. Judy very much appreciates having this lovely wall hanging, especially knowing that Janet had created a beautiful square for it. Two of the wall hangings will be raffled off on the day of the Fair. Raffle tickets are 3 for $5, 7 for $10 and 15 for $20.

You can get yours early and often to increase your chances!

Include your name and phone number, along with a check for the number of tickets you’d like, and mail to GE Village Fair at PO Box 96, Glen Ellen, CA 95442. Or contact Leslie Vaughn at (707) 494-6197 to arrange for ticket purchase. Donations are also gladly accepted. Need not be present to win. If you want a better chance than a raffle to win (no one could blame you!), one of the wall hangings will be auctioned off at the fair to the highest bidder. Bidding will start at $400, and remember, all proceeds go right back into the community.

Additionally, other items such as donations from local businesses, artists, dining/tasting experiences, spa treatments, retail goods, and even a “staycation” are some of the exciting items available for bidding on the day of the fair: Sunday, Oct. 10. All items will be displayed, with the chance for fair-goers to place bids on whatever catches their fancy. There will be no auctioneer; simply write your name on the bidding sheets in the silent auction booth and check it regularly! More information to come. We can’t wait to see you all on Fair Day — remember to save the date: Sunday, Oct. 10.