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Crime Watch

The following are some of the recent calls from the Glen Ellen and Kenwood area, responded to by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Sonoma Valley Substation.

July 16 A caller from the area of Hoff Rd. and Sonoma Hwy. reported that a person in a silver truck with a missing front license plate was parked in her driveway. While the caller was on the phone with the dispatcher, the truck left, pulled into a neighbor’s driveway and started screaming at a resident there. The caller thought the yeller may have been under the influence of something. The caller reported that the truck then drove away and turned onto Sonoma Hwy. The Sheriff notified California Highway Patrol.

July 18 A resident of Frederica Ave. near Warm Springs Rd. reported that a male approximately 65 years old, on a red bike and wearing black spandex pants, dismounted and urinated on the resident’s bushes, then rode away toward Sonoma Hwy. The resident stated that this happens every Sunday and asked that the Sheriff locate the suspect and ask him to stop this behavior.

July 20 A caller reported that a man appeared to be living out of his green Nissan truck in the neighborhood of Corey and Cavedale Rds. The caller reported that the man frequently urinated in the caller’s bushes and left trash in the caller’s garbage cans. The Sheriff responded and determined that the owner of the truck was a resident of Fairfield and asked him to move along.

July 21 Someone was throwing rocks at a property near Warm Springs Rd. and Bennett Valley Rd.

July 24 A resident in the neighborhood of Arnold Dr. and Gibson reported that a contractor he had recently fired had damaged some of the resident’s belongings while moving a shipping container off the property. The Sheriff determined that there were ongoing civil issues between the parties and suggested that the resident make arrangements for the contractor to move his stuff.

July 26 A man living in the area of Sonoma Hwy. and Kunde Ranch Rd. reported that he had just returned from Fairfax, where he had bought a redwood slab. The seller initially wanted payment by PayPal, but the buyer could only offer to pay by check. When the seller realized that the bank was going to hold the check for seven days, he notified the buyer that he was going to drive down and forcibly take the slab back. The buyer told the Sheriff that he wasn’t concerned because he no longer lived at the address printed on the check. Dispatch suggested that the buyer warn the current resident at the address printed on his check and make arrangements to remedy the money owed.