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Seeing doubles

Seeing doubles

Second cousins meet for the first time at a family reunion in Glen Ellen. Identical twins Anika and Naomi Sorkin, age 7, from Sonoma, are the dark-haired little ladies in the center.

Fraternal twins Mila Frans (second from the left, front row) and Murphy Franz (first on the left, second row), visiting from Wisconsin, are three years old. Ten-month-old identical twins from Pleasanton, CA are Rosie and Gracie Inns, who are being held by Maggie Frans (7) and Meira Sorkin (11) in the back row. Front row on the left is two-year-old Evie Inns and the tall guy in the back is 10-year-old Madden Frans.

Not pictured is 13-year-old Eli — too cool for school. These three sets of twins are the children of three moms: Holly Sorkin of Sonoma, Tori Frans of East Troy, WI and Annalaura Scandrett Inns of Pleasanton, CA, who are first cousins.

Each of the mothers is the only daughter of three sisters: Starr Blocki of New Berlin, Wisconsin, Robin McCormick of Sonoma, and Sheryee McCormick of Glen Ellen.