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Valley of the Moon networking group

Looking for a great opportunity for marketing your small business? A group of energetic business owners have turned to forming their own referral community for businesses in the Valley of the Moon. COVID-19 has obviously caused a slowdown for most businesses. Our group has been meeting by Zoom for the past year, but we have just started up in-person biweekly.

Here’s how it works. The dues are $10 per month. They meet every other Thursday for an hour beginning at 8 a.m. in the Oak Restaurant at the Oakmont Golf Course (the old Quail Inn). Coffee is served. Because the group is small, it doesn’t take long for you to get a good feeling about the local business owners. They also plan the occasional wine and dinner party at a member’s home.

The membership of the group represents a variety of professions and businesses. They are actively seeking new members in the following areas: Window washer, landscaper, travel agent, caterer, insurance agent, financial/estate planner, dentist, dermatologist, lawyers (any specialty), IT specialist, electrician, plumber, handyman, golf or tennis instructor, house painter, bookkeeper, tax specialist, home care provider, and more.

At each meeting, they have one speaker who discusses their services and that leaves time for a quick comment from everyone else.

It’s a friendly group and very effective in passing names along to those who need their services! If you want to meet them, they welcome you to attend a meeting. Just give them a call or send an email to: Diane Nunes, (707) 483-7414, [email protected]