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A special gift for SDC history center


By Jim Shere

Alec and Ann Peters, on behalf of Alec’s late mother Betty Peters, have made a significantly large donation from her estate to the library and history center envisioned for Eldridge.

“Having run the Kenwood Press for close to 25 years,” Alec said, “Ann and I understand the vital importance of maintaining and preserving local history. We hope this gift to the Glen Ellen Historical Society (GEHS) will aid in its efforts to establish a library, museum, and history center where generations to come can view and study the many materials that reflect the rich history of the Sonoma Developmental Center and the surrounding communities. We encourage others who share our love of history and libraries to aid in this funding effort to help make this dream a reality.”

Readers inspired by the generosity of this gift may consider donating to the GEHS so that it can continue its mission to educate and preserve Glen Ellen’s rich local history for future generations. It is an all-volunteer organization that depends on the generosity of people like you to continue publishing and distributing its quarterly newsletter, and researching and archiving artifacts, photographs, articles, stories, and much more. Due to COVID-19, the GEHS has been unable to host any fundraising events for the past two years, so donations are especially needed and appreciated. You can mail a check to GEHS at PO Box 35, Glen Ellen, CA 95442, or select the “support” and “donate” options on the website at