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Dear Editor,

The Board of Supervisors is scheduled for a one-hour discussion on the topic of a Cannabis Ordinance Urgency Moratorium at their meeting on Sept. 21. With the constant drumbeat of bad news about the water crisis in our county and the entire West, I can only assume this topic is being considered because of the drought. Even one wet winter will not bring us back to normal conditions and the weather prediction is for another dry season. The supervisors have already asked that their housing allocation be reduced because of the drought and because of the uncertainty of where the water will come from for those new homes. It is imperative that the board protect the current residents and current agriculture without adding more water users. The climate crisis is real and we cannot hide our heads in the sand any longer. The supervisors need to seriously evaluate the cumulative impacts of all new uses of water they’re approving. I urge a “yes” vote on an urgency moratorium and hope the vote is 5-0 on Sept. 21.

Nancy Richardson Santa Rosa