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Crime Watch


October 1, 2021 – The following are some of the recent calls from the Glen Ellen and Kenwood area responded to by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Sonoma Valley Substation.

Jul 29 A neighbor of the park near Shaw and Clyde Avenues reported at 9:51 p.m. that after playing soccer during the day, about 40 people remained who were being loud. The neighbor reminded the Sheriff that park rules prohibit activity in the park after dark. A Deputy responded and handled it.

Aug 2 An unoccupied vehicle on its side with airbags deployed was reported to be blocking the road at Rancho Bonita Way and Sonoma Highway. The Sheriff reported the incident to California Highway Patrol for resolution.

Aug 3 A caller reported hearing loud, disturbing music from the area of Dunbar and West Trinity Roads. The caller was not inclined to conduct a citizen’s arrest and asked that a Deputy respond to request that the revelers reduce the volume.

Aug 8 A business near Pythian Road and Rancho Los Guilicos Road reported that after an event earlier in the day, a theft occurred and nine iPads were taken. A Deputy responded and found that a door had been propped open.

Aug 9 A caller reported that a male in a gray Prius had been harassing her and oversharing information about his personal life. A neighbor also reported that the same man had been sitting in his vehicle with his pants down asking for information about the caller. Nothing further.

Aug 11 A green Ford Escape was parked for several days on Sonoma Mountain Road near Warm Springs Road. A unit responded and determined that the car was not occupied.

Aug 14 A caller reported that a white Dodge truck with a trailer had been parked near Arnold Drive and Dunbar Road for a week. The caller also noted that the front license plate of the truck was missing. The Sheriff advised California Highway Patrol.

Aug 17 A garbage can worth $700 was stolen from in front of the post office in Glen Ellen.

Aug 23 A water tank was reported stolen from a property. The person reporting the incident stated that the deer fencing had been cut and he thinks he knows who did it. The reporting person stated that there wasn’t any video or witnesses of the crime and that he didn’t have time at that moment to make a report and would call back later.

Aug 24 A caller reported hearing a gunshot the day prior and found a bullet in his driveway. The caller said he would talk to his neighbor who he thought might be responsible and call the Sheriff back if he needed help.

Aug 25 A resident near Wake Robin Drive and Warm Springs Road reported that a man in a dark T-shirt had passed through a gate and entered the resident’s property. A Deputy responded to check it out.

Sept 10 An employee of a business near London Ranch Road and Arnold Drive reported that someone had unintentionally set fire to a garbage can on the property and the employee had to extinguish the fire.