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Glen Ellen Forum summer survey


By Shannon Lee

Ever since March 2020, the Glen Ellen Forum’s monthly meetings have been online via the Zoom platform. While certainly not the same as meeting in person, these meetings have been lively and well attended, gathering between 35 and 60 people each month. Those numbers are on par with the in-person meetings pre-pandemic.

In the summer of 2021, a virtual poll was taken during meetings to assess some aspects of the meeting attendee demographic. The poll consisted of six multiple choice questions. Forty-three individuals participated. At the October 2021 meeting, the compiled results of the survey were orally presented, and here they are as well in written format.

Several questions encompassed residence information. Responses showed that 79 percent live in Glen Ellen full-time, 5 percent live in Glen Ellen part-time, and 16 percent do not live in Glen Ellen. In terms of neighborhood affiliations, there was a tie between “London Estates/Warm Springs/ O’Donnell/Henno” and “Central Glen Ellen Village area (Highway 12/Arnold),” both of which garnered 25 percent of the responses. In descending order, the others are 19 percent from “Eldridge to just south of Madrone (Glen-noma),” 14 percent from “Hill Road or up London Ranch Road,” 11 percent from “Sonoma Mountain/Bennett Valley,” and 6 percent from “Dunbar/Trinity/Mayacamas.”

Participants were asked to place themselves into an age category. Sixty-seven percent selected between 60 and 80 years old, 28 percent reported 40 to 60, and 6 percent chose 20 to 40. None of the participants were under the age of 20.

Another set of questions probed information about work-life. Forty-four percent of respondents selected “I am currently not working or am retired,” 23 percent said they “do not work in Glen Ellen,” 21 percent “work in Glen Ellen,” and 12 percent “work in Glen Ellen and elsewhere.” Of all participants, 23 percent responded that they own a business in Glen Ellen.

Lastly, to get at overall online participation in meetings, the audience was asked this question: “Since we’ve been having our Forum meetings online, what percentage of the monthly meetings would you say you’ve attended?” An impressive 47 percent said they’ve attended between 80 and 100 percent of the meetings. The answers of 50–80 percent and less than 50 percent both had 19 percent of the share of respondents, and “this is my first one” was selected by 14 percent. This final question shows that the Forum enjoys many repeat participants at its monthly meetings, even while online, as 66 percent of respondents claimed to have attended more than 50 percent of the meetings.

Haven’t yet been to a meeting? The next one is scheduled for Nov. 1 at 6:30 p.m. The link can be found at the nonprofit’s website home page: