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Puzzles in the Press


Oakmont puzzler contributes word challenges with a local flair

New in the Kenwood Press, Steve O’Rourke has created a series of Sonoma County-themed word puzzles for our readers to enjoy. Creating puzzles is his hobby, and he’s thrilled to share them. He starts with local themes, wineries, restaurants, famous residents, politicians, etc., and builds from there.

O’Rourke lives with his lovely fiancé, Adele, in Oakmont. He was born and raised in Burlingame and has lived up and down California. He is retired from Sonoma County Mental Health Services where he worked as a marriage and family therapist. He lost his wife, Barbara Turner, to cancer in 2013, and has a son, Ryan, who lives close by.

He has been solving crossword puzzles since high school, having been introduced to them by his mother, an avid puzzler herself, and has been at them ever since. His other passion is song-writing and performing music, blues, jazz, and rock, both singing and playing his guitar. You can check out his music at http://steveorourkemusic. com.