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Happy Anniversary, Tom and Susanne Van Hecke

Happy Anniversary,  Tom and Susanne  Van Hecke


Married 27 years as of Oct. 22

By Tom Van Hecke

When my adorable wife, Susanne, and I came to that wonderful realization that we truly wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, I, like so many men in that situation, embarked on a quest to create the perfect wedding day.

We decided it would be a day just for the two of us. At the time we lived in Ohio and this was 1994, before the age of search engines. Luckily, I somehow found my way to the Kenwood Inn and Spa.

When I called the inn, I mentioned that we wanted a place that was very charming, and had a European feel to it. The person I was speaking with was Roseann Grimm, who I came to learn, along with her husband, Terry, were the owners of the inn. She assured me their place most certainly fit that request and she sent me the brochure.

When we received the brochure we knew we had found our wedding day place.

I called Roseann, we selected the date, and she put everything in motion: the quartet that would provide our romantic music, but also had to know our favorite song, “Fly Me to the Moon”; the chef who would have to make a certain type of cake that Susanne loved; the reservation for our early morning hot air balloon ride over the beautiful Wine Country; the massages on the balcony for both of us; the photographer; and so much more.

And, as you can see in the photograph, I literally wanted to sweep my beautiful Susanne right off her feet.

That special day was Oct. 22, 1994, and 27 years later we are more in love than ever — and we continue to savor the sweet memories of that glorious day at the Kenwood Inn and Spa.