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The Oakmont Sunday Symposium Nov. 21 at 10:30 a.m.

Dr. John Freedman presents: Big history: Next thresholds of gene editing and extra-terrestrial colonization

If you attended Dr. Freeman’s previous lectures, you know he covers a breathtaking, fascinating and comprehensive review of life. In his final lecture, he will take us into the future to look at four possible new thresholds that could change everything: artificial intelligence, brain-machine neural interface, gene editing, and extra-terrestrial colonization. Hang on to your seats, this should be an exciting ride!

The symposium is back at the Berger Center, or you can stay home and watch on Zoom. Visit oakmontsundaysymposium. org/live page for Zoom info.

There will not be a Sunday Symposium on Nov. 29 for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.