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DECEMBER 1, 2021 - A Letter from Santa Claus

DECEMBER 1, 2021

Dear Children,

We know the past two years have been very challenging, but we’ve heard from your teachers that you are doing your best. Please keep up the good work.

Once again, we will not be visiting the Kenwood Fire Station this year. We are not allowed to have more than just a very few people in the station at one time, and there is just too much risk for Santa and Mrs. Claus and you with this virus. We want to be sure Santa is well so that he can make his rounds on Christmas Eve.

Instead, we will board a Kenwood fire truck and drive around Kenwood Village on the morning of Dec. 11, beginning at 10 a.m., and stop for children to put their Letters to Santa in a bag that we’ll have on the side of the fire engine. That way, Santa will still know what you would like for Christmas. You can even have your family take a few photos. I think we will have a little treat for you, too.

So, start writing your letters in your best handwriting, and get ready to see Santa that morning. If you are just learning to write, it will be okay for someone else to help,or write the letter for you. It will be a really fun and different way to continue our annual Santa tradition without the risk of exposing anyone to this virus.

Don’t stay up too late the night before, and be sure to listen for the fire siren that next morning. Be ready to come out on the street when you hear the fire engine coming. When our driver sees you standing safely in front of a house, the engine will stop, and then you can come and see us with (or without) your letter. We know there might be very young ones, too.

See you then! Santa and Mrs. Claus North Pole