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Dot-com retailers retailers hate it when you shop local

Reduce screen time and shop brickbrick and mortar in Sonoma Valley
Dot-com retailers retailers hate it when you shop local
Tips Roadside retail in Kenwood.Photo by Paul Goguen

Paul Goguen

I and global logistical chaos me that there is a simple already here in our valley. much as possible, because shopping options siphon sales from a global pandemic. might start, say, a racing team people like Jeff Bezos and rockets that orbit the earth. n a world where supply chain issues and are front-page news, it occurred to me solution to all of this; buy stuff that is already That’s right, I am saying shop local as much Amazon and all manner of dot-com shopping from small businesses already reeling from Back in the day, a wealthy person might at the highest level. These days, wealthy people Elon Musk have space companies with rockets Perspective.

Here is a list of local retailers to help solve needs and where none of the proceeds there is anything wrong with that):

Gifts at Sonoma Botanical Garden on Sonoma Highway.

solve all of your holiday fulfillment proceeds will fund space exploration (not that

Abbot’s Passage Winery + Mercantile

A wide variety of products are on offer, corkscrews, wine chillers, handmade jewelry, The winery is located on Madrone Road between

Flatbed Farm

offer, including ceramic serving bowls, gold jewelry, tote bags, and too many more to name. between Sonoma Highway and Arnold Drive. and 18. The farm has gift sets, holiday décor flowers, and more, in addition to its pantry and at 13450 The farmstand is open Dec. 4, 11, and such as candles and wreaths, plants, flowers, regular offerings. The farm is located at Sonoma Hwy. in Glen Ellen.

Tips Roadside

great retail items for your hand. Hwy. in The Kenwood eatery also has a great space with lots of gifts and interesting items sale. Shop for cool stuff with a drink in your Tips Roadside is located at 8445 Sonoma Hwy. Kenwood.

McCormick’s Mercantile

from McCormick’s him, from She’ll a cuddly shawl. original

McCormick’s Mercantile in Glen Ellen.

It’s time to get “McMerry” with everything from stocking stuffers to “the Perfect Gift” at McCormick’s Mercantile in Glen Ellen. For him, think Duke Cannon toiletries, a belt from Tough Guy Apparel, or a sporty hat. She’ll love a piece from the jewelry counter, cuddly Coyuchi bathrobe, or a pashmina shawl. Unique, unexpected gifts like local/ original art, sipping crow fountains, handblown Saban glassware or Lovie blankets will bring a smile to any face. McCormick’s personal keepsake to cherish a lifetime. pastries and bread, you can purchase a Les Pascals even coffee beans from this local patisserie, 13758 Arnold Dr. in “downtown” Glen Ellen. of your holiday card needs covered, along including, of course, … booze. The market is at will framing services can help you give a personal

Les Pascals

Aside from the usual amazing pastries apron, some crazy good olive oil, or even among other things. Les Pascals is at 13758

Glen Ellen Village Market

The Glen Ellen Village Market has all with all kinds of interesting gifts including, 13751 Arnold Dr.

Sonoma Botanical Garden

You can make a difference with your holiday shopping. Sonoma Botanical Garden works hard to carry unique, sustainable, socially conscious, and environmentally responsible products so your purchase supports the garden’s mission on the grounds and beyond. The gift shop has the perfect stocking stuffers, sweet treats, and fine gifts to satisfy your shopping needs. No admission fee for shopping. Members get 10% off purchases. Stumped on what to buy? Consider a gift membership. The botanical garden is at 12841 Sonoma Hwy. in Glen Ellen.

Swede’s Feeds

Combining whimsical pieces for the garden and home with practical needs like pet and garden supplies, Swede’s Feeds has everything under the sun! The gift shop offers fun and sensible items for kids and adults alike. Unique ornaments, scarves, socks, and hand warmers are found this time of year, along with puzzles, mugs, and honeys. It’s easy to shop for the gardener, bird enthusiast, pet lover, and yourself in this warm-hearted place! Swede’s is at 9140 Sonoma Hwy. in Kenwood.

Swede’s Feeds in Kenwood.

Wine Snob*

Shop for all manner of interesting items, including local art, jewelry, and gifts. Open Wed – Sun Noon to 6 p.m. Wine Snob* is located at 969 Carquinez Ave. in Glen Ellen.

The Pro Shop at Valley of the Moon Club

The Pro Shop in Oakmont has golf balls, golf clubs, clothing, gift cards, shoes, hats, refillable water bottles, blankets, and more available for gift-giving. The pro shop is open seven days a week, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Located at 7025 Oakmont Dr. in Santa Rosa.

Jack London State Historic Park

At the House of Happy Walls within Jack London State Historic Park you will find a quaint gift shop with lots of interesting items, including annual park passes, books, journals, and other items that are easy to give and fun to receive. The annual pass is also valid for entrance to Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, just 8 miles away in Kenwood. All gifts purchased from the park help support the nonprofit Jack London Park Partners, which operates this remarkable destination. Located at 2400 London Ranch Rd. in Glen Ellen.

The Kenwood Press

Who doesn’t need a Kenwood Press hat, T-shirt, or subscription to the biggest newspaper in Sonoma Valley? Each are under $30 and help keep the lights on. “I read the Kenwood Press” license plate frames are free, as always. Located at 13700 Arnold Dr. in “downtown” Glen Ellen.