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Kenwood Community Club update

By Nazar Eljumaily, Nigel Hall, Liz Parsons, Denise Benguerel, Silvio Amantite, and Jay Gamel, directors

The Kenwood Community Club (KCC) wants to thank the Jack London Yacht Club for its generous $500 donation to support the installation of security cameras and new lights at the Kenwood Depot. The cameras are in and the new lights are installed, a lovely string of pearls that provide gentle, warm light around the front and side porches.

The KCC has continued with touching up, freshening up, and detailing the inside and outside of the 1888 historical building, with more projects to come, including a new look for the water pump out front and general maintenance throughout the building.

The depot is once again open for public events, including yoga, club meetings, wedding receptions, birthday and anniversary parties, and more, so long as the events are for local folks and host fewer than 70 people, with a minimum of noise and traffic. The rental details are available at the depot website, kenwooddepot. com, or leave a message at (707) 408-1127. Tables, chairs, a full kitchen, a front kitchen with fridge, Wi-Fi, and more are available.

It has been a long two years with no events to support the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of this 133-year-old building. The board has not solicited donations out of respect for the difficulty many people have had making it through the pandemic. If you are able and willing to support the ongoing work of the KCC, please consider making a donation in any amount. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations are tax deductible.