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Wild Oak neighborhood couple expands with strength
Business Beat
Source: The Strength Studio Inc.Hector and Leonela Sanchez enjoy their Wild Oak neighborhood.

By Paul Goguen

Hector Sanchez has been helping people get stronger since 2005, when he started a strength-training operation in Sebastopol. Joined by his wife Leonela in 2015, the couple hasn’t looked back, opening locations of The Strength Studio in Sebastopol and Sonoma, and planning a new one in Petaluma, slated to open in 2022.

Everyone exercises to some extent, but chances are you are doing it wrong. Hector and his team of clinical strength trainers teach their mostly senior clientele about proper form and frequency of workouts, exorcising the exercise deficiencies and bad form from those workouts. Their mission statement: To help people of all ages and abilities get stronger in the safest way possible.

A pretty good athlete in his day, Hector was recruited into the physical therapy business 20 years ago by a friend who recognized his potential. Hector and Leonela moved into the Wild Oak community in May 2021, lured by the peaceful forest atmosphere, great neighbors, and very little traffic. For those not in the know, the Wild Oak neighborhood is a gated, non-age restricted community in the hills behind Oakmont.

For more information on The Strength Studio, visit Look for a new ground-level location with better accessibility opening in a few months on Broadway in Sonoma.