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Oakmont SIR welcomes new leader

SIR Branch 92 welcomes Fred Merrill as “Big Sir” (president) for 2022
Oakmont SIR welcomes new leader
New SIR president Fred Merrill.Photo by Susie Merrill

By Bern Lefson

Here is what Fred Merrill has to say about SIR: “It is an honor to be elected to serve as Big Sir. I’ve made many new friends since joining SIR, and I think it is a great resource for men over 50. I’m proud of how SIR has adapted through COVID and even more proud to have returned to our monthly luncheon meetings and other in-person activities. I’m looking forward to helping grow the organization and introducing even more seniors to all that SIR has to offer.”

SIR Inc. is a California nonprofit organization that provides social activities and supports worthy causes for men over 50. SIR’s mission is “[t]o improve the lives of our members through fun activities and events while making friends for life.” The parent organization formed in 1958 in San Mateo, and the Oakmont branch formed in 2005. There are currently over 100 branches in Central and Northern California, and more than 10,000 members from Bakersfield to Mount Shasta, and Lake Tahoe to San Francisco.

The Oakmont branch has over 60 members who meet on the second Tuesday of each month at the Berger Center in Oakmont. Doors open at 11:30 a.m., and lunch starts at noon, with an interesting program to follow.

In addition, Branch 92 offers the following activities to its members: golf, poker, wine tasting, picnics, local touring, and attendance at performances of the Transcendence Theatre and 6th Street Playhouse. Branch 92 supports food donations to Redwood Empire Food Bank and other worthy causes. Ideas for new activities are encouraged and adopted. Visitors and potential new members are welcome to sample the activities and attend luncheons.

For more information, please call Membership Chairman John Barrett at (707) 318-4633. Information is also available on the Branch 92 Facebook page: