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Safe living in Sonoma Valley by Julie Atwood

New year reboot: Home and neighborhood safety self-assessment
Safe living in Sonoma Valley by Julie Atwood

Weary of resolutions? Ready for action?

We’ve got you covered. Launch your new year by reviewing your personal, and neighborhood, safety report card.

2021 was a big year for local and regional safety! We’ve made big strides in awareness, fuel management, home hardening, ready kits and evacuation know-how. Now, let’s ramp it up. Use your emergency prep enlightenment to assess your current safety-savvy status. This is a lot easier than a post-holiday diet — plus, you’ll get instant gratification and inspire others!

Check out the chart we’ve set up for you. Get your sticky notes, and add your own action items. We’ve jumpstarted things with “must-dos” and memory-joggers.

Taking a training or attending an interactive presentation is another satisfying way to reinvigorate your planning commitment and connect with others.

Get grouping: This can be the Year of Neighborly Connection. Start a neighborhood group with a focus on pets and backyard equines, poultry, or livestock. Learn where the animals are. Reach out to Vrbo/Airbnb owners in your neighborhood. Start a FireSafe Council! Become a disaster volunteer or a ham (amateur) radio operator.

Combine your passion, professional skills, or hobby with ways to help everyone be safer. We can do this! There’s a lot going on. Find out what others are doing, eliminate overlap, share resources.

Let’s Zoom! Or get together … at a distance. Host a preparedness workshop or meeting. HALTER Project can help with free outreach materials, preparedness events, or a speaker for a club meeting.

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