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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with jungle love tour

21st annual Safari West Adult Sex Tour exposes exotic animal romance

Safari West celebrates Valentine’s Day by hosting its annual “Wild Jungle Love” (aka Sex) Tours. The 21st annual Safari West Adult Sex Tour invites guests to pile into an open-air safari vehicle and drive out among some of the world’s most exotic and enthralling creatures.

The wild safari tour, led by Safari West’s animal experts, probes the revealing “ins and outs” of wildlife courtship. Guests will learn intimate details about the mating habits of African mammals and birds, including bongo, giraffe, eland, wildebeest, gazelle, zebra, warthog, and cheetah.

Why all the interest in animal sex?

Safari West has a responsibility, as stewards of threatened and endangered species, to learn as much about the lives (and sex lives) of animals as possible. The sex tour is a scientific look at some of the more remarkable facts of animal courtship. While the tour is intended to be entertaining, it is also educational, sharing important information about the way animals choose their mates, raise their families, and defend their territories.

About Safari West

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