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SIR Branch 92 of Oakmont admits women

By Bern Lefson

SIR (Social Activities for Seniors) Branch 92 has been advocating for the right to change its membership from men only to include women as full members. Last November, SIR Inc., the statewide parent of over 100 branches, granted Branch 92 and one other branch the right to pilot women as full members.

Branch 92 is located in Oakmont and has been active since the late 1990s. It has been inviting women as guests for a number of years to enjoy its monthly lunch speakers and outside activities. Now the board of directors for Branch 92 has approved and begun to recruit women to its rolls. Branch 92 believes admitting women as members is the correct path for future growth and diversity.

Any men and women interested in joining and participating in our activities, such as our second Tuesday members meeting, golf dates, wine tastings, tours such as to the Geysers, entertainment events, etc., may contact [email protected] All activities are subject to required COVID-19 safety measures.

SIR 92 will meet Feb. 8, at 11:30 a.m., via Zoom, and will feature one of Oakmont’s treasures, John Phillips, who runs the Fitness Center and will address special exercises and dietary matters that pertain to seniors. For information on joining the meeting on Zoom and on becoming a member of SIR 92, contact [email protected]