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Crime Watch

February 15, 2022 – The following are some of the recent calls from the Glen Ellen and Kenwood area responded to by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Sonoma Valley Substation.

Dec 15 A parked vehicle on Sonoma Highway near Aurora Lane was blocking the westbound roadway. The sheriff notified CHP to respond.

Dec 19 A caller reported that their mother had recently moved back into town and had been harassing their family.

Dec 22 The caretaker of a property occupied by an elderly man reported that an unknown person drove onto the property, jumped out of a vehicle, and started yelling at the caretaker. The yeller would not get back in his vehicle and was acting in an aggressive and uncooperative manner.

Dec 29 A caller who lives on the same property as her inlaws reported that her father-inlaw had been threatening and mistreating her animals. The matter was referred to Animal Control.

Dec 29 An unknown male was walking around in the area of Hill Road and Arnold Drive.

Dec 31 A resident of the neighborhood near Marty Drive and Cecilia Drive called the sheriff to report that someone at the end of the street set off fireworks that hit the side of his vehicle and also the side of the house.

Dec 31 A neighbor of a property near Adobe Canyon Road and Waldo Lane spotted someone with a flashlight near the neighboring property’s barn.

The caller told deputies that he would meet them at the road to show them how to get in. Deputies determined that the neighbor was checking a water pipe.

Jan 2 A caller from the area of Warm Springs Road and Bennett Valley Road reported that a man walked up his driveway and looked at a vehicle owned by the caller. When the caller approached the man, he cursed at the caller and acted like he was looking for a fight.

Jan 6 A caller from Warm Springs Road reported that their mother-in-law had an aggressive dog that was repeatedly biting the mother-in-law. The caller stated that the mother-in-law lives alone and is afraid of the dog. The matter was referred to Animal Control.

Jan 17 A caller reported a suspicious, occupied vehicle with fogged windows and surrounded by trash parked on Dunbar Road. The caller asked that a deputy contact the owner/occupant of the vehicle.

Jan 20 A resident of Dunbar Road reported a blue SUV parked near Sonoma Highway that was surrounded by garbage. Deputies contacted the vehicle’s owner, who said that the car was broken down. The incident was transferred to CHP, who found the vehicle unoccupied and left a notice that the vehicle must be moved within 72 hours.