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Girl Scout web cookies don’t track you

Sold online, delivered by DoorDash in yummy algorithm
Girl Scout web cookies don’t track you
Local scouts from Rincon Valley Troop 10435, serving the cities of Kenwood and Santa Rosa, are ready to sell cookies. From left to right: Melanie Raymond, Emaline Ricketts, Olivia Mitchell, and Payton Root.Photo by Sherilyn Draper, Troop Leader

The Girl Scout motto is “Be Prepared,” and even a global pandemic wasn’t enough to undermine that can-do attitude.

While the entire world has been adjusting to COVID with homeschooling, videoconferencing and restaurants offering cocktails to go, the Girl Scouts are following suit by tapping into the Internet and a burgeoning delivery service to keep alive their annual cookie sales.

“Sales are, of course, not as great as they were prior to the pandemic but we’re getting along using the new apps and delivery systems that Girl Scouts have put into place,” said Troop 10435 volunteer Janette Eubank. “The revenue dictates what we can do as a troop.”

All regional troops offer new ways for customers to find and buy cookies online (, including contactless delivery through the food delivery app, Door Dash. The 2022 cookie season runs from Feb. 1 through March 27 and all cookie flavors are $6 a box (plus shipping). Consumers can find a number of Girl Scout online shops and have their favorite cookies delivered straight to their home, or anywhere in the country, or find the closest Girl Scout booth for safe and inperson cookie sales.

“This will be great for girls that have families across the state and U.S. and just for the convenience of it all,” said Eubank.

Much like high school or college seniors having their graduations hampered by COVID-19, plenty of local Troop 10435 members have been with the scouts for years and are witnessing an awkward end of the run.

“Most of our girls now have been together since kindergarten and are now working towards their Gold Awards,” said Eubank. “It’s so wonderful to have watched these young women mature and navigate the Girl Scout experience together through the years learning life skills as they go. I’m so proud of every single one of them for coming this far; it’s not an easy accomplishment especially as they get older and their schedules become more grueling.”

For those who want to support a specific scout or troop, Eubank said each girl gets credit as they set up their own digital cookie site. “Family and friends are encouraged to purchase that way so that Girl Scout gets the credit for the sale.”

If the new way of shopping and delivery aren’t enticing enough to support the cookie sale, the Girls Scouts are unveiling a new cookie called Adventurefuls, described as “an indulgent brownie-inspired cookie with caramel-flavored crème and a hint of sea salt.”

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