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Glen Ellen Telegram with Oz and Em

Glen Ellen Telegram with Oz and Em
Cameron Robledo age 1 1/2 meets his new neighbors, horses Freesia and Velcro.Photo by Emily Robledo


By Shannon Lee, and Emily and Oz Robledo

In the fall of 2014, I was approached by columnist Tracy Salcedo and former Kenwood Press editors Ann and Alec Peters, who were looking for someone to take over the monthly column about Glen Ellen. They had become familiar with my press releases related to Parent-Teacher Organization happenings at Dunbar School and news from the Glen Ellen Fair Association. With some trepidation (What could I possibly find to write about every month?) I accepted the challenge and have been writing the Glen Ellen Telegram almost monthly since October 2014.

During my tenure, I have enjoyed telling the “good news” from Glen Ellen and found this task a wonderful avenue to learn so much more about my adopted and (hopefully) forever home. I’ve met many interesting, talented, and colorful folks, and helped highlight and celebrate everything from weddings and births to business openings and town events. There have been some poignant and deep moments as well, starting with the 2017 fires and continuing through today, with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Surprisingly, I’ve been able to find something to write about each month — my own small triumph that perhaps helps me feel greater fraternity with an incredibly resilient and determined community.

Alas, seven years is enough and it is now my turn to pass the torch. I’m so excited to see where Emily and Oz Robledo will take this column, happy to have more “energetic” (read: younger) blood taking the helm, and curious to see what new twists and perspectives they will cook up.

I’m not leaving the Kenwood Press. You will still see my name pop up in bylines from time to time, most likely writing about science and nature.

And with that, see you later and here’s your new team! — Shannon Lee Since 2016 we have called Glen Ellen “home.” Last month we moved from one end of Glen Ellen to the other. We are exploring our new neighborhood and meeting our new neighbors … human, dog, and horse. We find ourselves falling in love with Glen Ellen even more.

Though winter is feeling a bit more like spring recently, many of us probably wouldn’t mind a little rain storm rolling through. We are choosing to appreciate this weather while we have it. During a family bike ride the other day, we found ourselves marveling at how magnificent Glen Ellen truly is. We are certain we aren’t the only ones who feel this way.

We think that community involvement is important, and what better way to keep our sweet town in tip-top shape than to pitch in? We are a busy little community, which affords us many opportunities to pitch in. Here are a few: The Glen Ellen Forum is hosting a Town Clean-Up on Sunday, March 6. Follow up your hard work by attending the Glen Ellen Forum’s next meeting on Monday, March 7. The great part is that you can enjoy Glen Ellen Forum meetings from the comfort of your own home; the meetings are streamed online via Zoom. For more information about the Town Clean-Up, online meeting, and more, visit

Jack London State Historic Park always offers educational walks and talks about what is in bloom, as well as events like the upcoming painting workshop, an opportunity to learn from renowned artist Maria de Los Angeles. This workshop, inspired by nature, will incorporate gestural watercolor drawing techniques with fine line details in gouache. Take a look at all the opportunities at

The Jack London Yacht Club brought the Jack to Jack Race to our community a few years ago. This occurs every spring on Sonoma Creek when, historically, the water level is at its highest. This year it will adopt a new two-part course. Race Course 1 will start at the Jack London Lodge creekside and end beyond the downtown bridge. Race Course 2 will start at the Jack London Village and end at the village



ELLEN GLEN patio. This event is family-friendly, and attendance is free to all. Definitely mark your calendars for Saturday, March 26. Get all the details at

We are thrilled to see the new arts program being developed at Dunbar Elementary School — a powerful partnership between Dunbar staff, Kimzin Creative, Creative Bridges, Sonoma Valley Education Foundation, Sonoma Community Center, Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Valley Vibes Orchestra, Art Escape, and the Boys & Girls Club of Sonoma Valley. We are excited to see the creativity brewing in the young minds at one of California’s oldest and still functioning schools.

Emily and Oz Robledo live with their two gregarious sons, Auggie (6) and Cameron (1.5) in Glen Ellen. Oz is a lifelong Sonoma Valley resident and works for the Sonoma Valley Unified School District. Emily is a transplant from Santa Cruz as of 20-something years ago; she is also a freelance marketing and graphic design professional. They enjoy family bike rides in the neighborhood, home-cooked meals as well as supporting local restaurants and, of course, visiting local wineries to enjoy the fruits of the Valley of the Moon.