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Seniors in Retirement 92 Update

By Bern Lefson

All are welcome to Seniors in Retirement (SIR) 92 meetings and activities. Our purpose is to fill the gap of what’s missing from your life. Interested in new friendships? Interesting activities? Intellectual stimulation? Enrich your life by joining SIR 92.

We need everyone’s help, ideas, and more planning for 2022. We want everyone to find someone to do things with, get out with and have fun! Join us now by contacting [email protected]

Our next luncheon, to which all are invited, will be on Tuesday, March 8, at 11:30 a.m. at the Berger Center. In addition to a nice hot lunch, we will have an interesting speaker. Santa Rosa Police Captain John Cregan will discuss “Reimagining Mental Health Response in Santa Rosa” from the perspective of a law enforcement officer. Captain Cregan currently manages the department’s Special Services Division, which includes the Investigation Bureau, the Professional Standard Team, the Recruitment and Hiring Team, and the Training Team. He also serves on the board of directors for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and is passionate about creating long-term solutions to help police officers better serve those suffering from mental illness in our communities.

To hear our speaker and enjoy a nice lunch (including the menu and cost), contact Dave Alton at [email protected] All attendees must be fully vaccinated; please bring proof. We wish everyone a marvelous St. Patrick’s Day.