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TIPS Roadside ownership restructuring Dan and Jaimie Pineda take stock in Kenwood favorite
Business Beat
Andrew and Susie Pryfogle with new partners Jaimie and Dan Pineda on the patio at TIPS Roadside in Kenwood.Source: Tips Roadside

TIPS Roadside is excited to announce the expansion of its ownership team to now include the husband-and-wife team of Dan and Jaimie Pineda.

Jaimie Pineda joined TIPS Roadside as general manager in August 2020. Her steady leadership and more than two decades of restaurant management experience helped the TIPS Roadside team navigate the last two years of a global pandemic and uncertain times. She has built a tremendous team of talented colleagues who are focused on creating great experiences for customers every day.

Dan Pineda, a professional photographer and marketer with more than 18 years of experience, joined the TIPS leadership team in April 2021 as hospitality director. He has been responsible for front-of-house training and operations and, in addition, is now leading catering and event sales and all industry partnerships.

“When we started the restaurant, it was our hope that we would find a couple that cared about our business as much as we did and loved it as their own,” said TIPS Roadside owner Susie Pryfogle. “We are thrilled that we have found that in Dan and Jaimie Pineda.”

“I have never been more proud to be a part of this restaurant, the TIPS family, and this beautiful Sonoma County,” said Jaimie. “I knew all the hard work would pay off one day and here it is — general manager and part-owner of TIPS Roadside!”

“The TIPS Roadside family has welcomed my family with open arms,” said Dan. “We’re honored and excited to put down roots here as partners with Andrew and Susie. This is home.”

TIPS Test Kitchen resumes April 26 and is the fourth Tuesday of every month through October.

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