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Crime Watch

The following are some of the reports collected from the Glen Ellen and Kenwood area by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office.

Feb 7 A power washer in rough shape and a bicycle were left sitting in front of the Glen Ellen Post Office for more than a full day. The person reporting the incident thought they knew who owned the bicycle, but wasn’t sure about the power washer. The item was left in the post office, where an employee agreed to hold onto the item for a while to see if someone might claim it.

Feb 10 A resident of the Dunbar Road neighborhood spotted a man pushing a shopping cart, wearing dark clothing, and walking on and off the road. The resident asked the sheriff to send out a deputy to check on the man to make sure he was okay.

Feb 10 A caller reported a man was rooting through trash cans on Sonoma Highway, throwing trash around and yelling at cars.

Feb 17 A caller from Jane Court in Glen Ellen reported that money was taken from their bank account. The theft occurred in seven transactions and totaled $2,400.

Mar 4 A caller reported fraudulent activity on their Venmo account. The caller did not know who might have conducted the fraudulent activity.

Mar 5 A caller from the dog park on Sonoma Highway in Glen Ellen reported that a man wearing a white panama hat and a black jacket swung a stick at the caller’s dog while the caller’s dog was mounting the dog owned by the man in the panama hat. The caller reported that their dog was a service dog. The caller believed the man in the panama hat was trying to get his dog away from the service dog. No dogs or humans were harmed during the incident.

Mar 10 A resident in Eldridge called the sheriff to report they received a blue tube in the mail. The return address stated the blue tube was shipped from Dubai. The resident opened the tube and there was another package inside it. Meanwhile, a man who had been parked down the road in a Toyota Camry for quite some time approached the resident, spoke to him, then took the package and left.