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Letters To the Editor

To the Editor,

Thanks to Tracy Salcedo for doing an amazing story investigating what is happening with the old orchard at Jack London/Sonoma Developmental Center (SDC). I was quite alarmed when I saw the clearing.

The Kenwood Press is doing impressive work overall, filing real local news stories that the Sonoma Index-Tribune

and Santa Rosa Press Democrat just don’t do anymore — for example, Christian Kallen’s story about the gap in state senator representation due to redistricting. Senator Bill Dodd will end up representing all of the SDC; no longer Senator McGuire. What will that mean for the SDC process, I wonder?

There are a number of other good local stories related to the SDC and other things.

I devour every issue when I find the Kenwood Press here in the southern end of the Valley!

Teri Shore Boyes Hot Springs

Editor: Thank you, Teri! We are honored and thrilled you are enjoying the Kenwood Press.

To the Editor:

My take on the CEQA NOP alternatives.

Three-and-a-half years ago the SDC Adaptive Reuse report by WRT described a large number of buildings at the SDC as in “good” repair. However, no testing of existing materials in the structure has been done. As a historic restoration specialist I decided to speak out at this time. The public, future potential developers, and those with a keen interest in re-purposing of existing buildings need to be fully informed about the cost of remediation of any and all toxins. Toxins, I might add, that are listed in CEQA and EPA laws written long after the buildings in question were built. These include asbestos, lead, mercury, PCBs, and many others. See the language used in the report by WRT in quotes below: “It should be noted the assessment of structural conditions and hazardous materials by the WRT team was based on visual assessment rather than any investigations; a more in-depth assessment is in the process of being initiated by the State, and it is possible that the ease-of-reuse assessment could change as a result.”

Where is this “in-depth assessment of structural conditions and hazardous materials” that was promised more than three years ago? Brian Oh at PRMD has no update available on this.

Please be advised, the grid of “condition of