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The Snake of Gold and Black

A poem by Laurie Pile

As I ride upon the back Of the snake of gold and black I can see the world before me What we have and what we lack. As it opens up before me I can see with clarity The visions of our future And what we are meant to be. The end to war and hatred The end to poverty The end to greed and hunger The end so peace may be.

With us from now on With us eternally We need only open up To what can truly be.

Place our hands upon the table Stand up for liberty With the good Lord by our side Watching over you and me. Join our hands in holy union Feet placed firmly on the ground That we may rise up together And wear our rightful crown. We have all that we need Within us at all times We need only sound the trumpet And truly recognize. When death does come upon us As we fight for liberty Freedom from the oppression Of those who wish to seize. Our rightful claim to live As freely as can be Let us change the vicious cycle Of hate and tyranny. Standing strong against the enemy Standing strong in unity Love will surely be the victor In our quest to be free.