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through April 15. ….

through April 15.

“We’re going to have it under control. Absolutely,” said Heidi Klyn, an OVA board member and former Boomer club president who still assists with the club’s event programming.

Board president Tom Kendrick said Oakmont was fortunate in at least one respect: “Most of the people testing positive have been vaccinated, so the symptoms have been pretty minimal,” he said.

That wasn’t exactly Klyn’s experience. She was among those who battled a case of the Omicron variant for several days in early March. “This thing is awful,” she said. “I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. It wasn’t fun at all.”

But, Klyn said, “At least nobody here got any severe cases or died.”

The OVA got some welcome news the day after its mask mandate was issued. Of the 78 people who got COVID-19 tests in Oakmont on March 16, none had tested positive.

On that same day, very few people showed up at Oakmont’s normally crowded gym for a morning workout. But no one who did was wearing a mask.