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Recology Sonoma Marin

Several questions and corrections arose following publication of the April 1 Kenwood Press story on recycling and compostable waste.

First, the article directed readers to the “what goes where” page for the Recology San Francisco site instead of the Recology Sonoma Marin site. Though connected, the two have slightly different standards for accepting compostable material; the correct URL is

“Our programs differ from theirs in several ways, as the materials are processed at different facilities,” explained Celica Furber of Recycle Sonoma Marin. This explains the confusion over “compostable” plastic bags and wine corks, which are not accepted at Recology Sonoma Marin facilities.

Furber also pointed out that metal, including aluminum foil and trays can indeed be placed in the recycle bin, and that the penalties for noncompliance can be levied on all waste generators, including residents and businesses, as well as municipalities and haulers like Recology.

“Basically, everyone is on the hook!” Furber said. Once again, the local waste-zero specialist, Cristina Yarnal, and her colleagues can be reached at [email protected] or (800) 243-0291. Note that in the April 1 article the specialist’s name was misspelled: The correct spelling is Cristina Yarnal.